MailMe Voice

MailMe Voice lets you quick and easy record and send up to two minutes of voice recording from your iPhone into your e-mail inbox.

MailMe Voice is the newest member of the MailMe family. With just two taps you can record your ideas, notes or task. 

Or as we like to say. Start, speak, send.


Download MailMe Voice from the iTunes AppStore ($0.99)


MailMe Text

MailMe Text is the quickest way to get all those things that you need to remember from your iPhone into your e-mail inbox. 

MailMe Text sports an optimized user interface where all unnecessary taps have been eliminated, so that you can focus on the idea, note or task that you want to capture.

Just start the application. Enter the text, and click send.


Download MailMe Text from the iTunes AppStore ($1.99)